Source Metacine
Source Metacine can be defined as 3 parts of the one whole:
Source is the True Sovereign Essence of reality we are at our core.
Meta is pertaining to the origin of our true power and healing ability at our innermost center.
While Cine is the use, practice or adaptation of and the application of this essence in our multi-dimensional and multi-density life experience.
Hence Source Metacine is the panacea of the direct application of our one true essence in our lives!
The realization of this practice has been a, 3 decades in the making affair.

One essential root is to open the Heart in its various orbits that lie below the visible reality we take for granted as the ‘only reality’ being furnished by the 5 senses. Once the Heart begins to open, we then connect to the Heart of the Universe through the “Living Organic network” at the Heart of Earth Mother. Now we have begun to find our way home.

Grounded in the Heart, this opening expands to the core at the center sun of the galaxy and finally to the center sun of the Universe which dwells within your chest! It is from here we may do our first healings and clearings of any unwanted visitors!

In following this practice of unfolding, we learn to enter consciously into the subconscious mind.

The deception in the human mind runs so deep, today we have all been effected negatively with this spiritual infection. In fact every human being has been corrupted mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, having been manipulated to fragment ourselves.

The veils of illusion are numerous and a dense defense against us being able to find out the truth!

Our behavior is not always our own. Due to implanted contracts {without our consent during the dream state},  to continually give consent to be drained, manipulated, dominated, entered into, possessed or to be controlled by the False God; to perceive it or they as the one true Creator and to allow this insidiousness to live through us. In this way our free will has been hampered, manipulated and rendered virtually ineffectual!

Other key contracts are to split or fragments of ourselves and to believe that this is the only way to regain our true omnipresence! Karma is a lie to make us feel guilt for having done things that we never have. This is the origin of ‘Original Sin.’ False events to enhance this guilt exist in the Akaskic Records which is really the Astral Book of Lies & acts as a mask separating us from accessing our subconscious.

This Astral Book of Lies is what most channels and healers are and have for centuries been reading believing it to be the one true reality!

Along with this there are false light beings masquerading as spirits, guides, angels all are these parasites in disguise keeping us in the dark! This has initiated the parting of true awareness of our source essence from our conscious awareness!

SOURCE METACINE is the recognition of seeing these things for what they are and the process of clearing ourselves from all blockages to reawakening true awareness of the “LIVING LIBRARY” that is the true internal reality of our being!

If you doubt that there are any Astral Parasites in the Universe, then ask yourself “Why can’t I stop myself from compulsively thinking?” Who is this thinking in my head?”

Surely it’s not you at your essence that is even remotely interested in obsessive & torturously repetitive thinking!

After these many layered facets of implants, imprints and DNA infiltration from the infesting parasites is cleansed, then there are the fragmented aspects of the subconscious mind that Carl Jung referred to as the “Shadow” and the “Anima” in men and the “Animus” in women. As well as many other split off parts of ourselves due to trauma, holding onto suppressed emotions and other types of astral, energetic and spiritual fragmentation.

Once we have arrived at this place, then we may begin to retrieve and re-unify with the fragmented aspects of ourselves. With each step we grow closer to merging back into the wholeness we already are in “SOURCE REALITY!”

As the advanced practitioner renews his or her inner perception, the true self becomes more and more prevalent in bringing one further along in the process of reuniting with all the separated fragments.

The process of Unification in the wholeness of who we are is the goal and the purpose of life!

This is precisely what is brought about through the practice of “SOURCE METACINE!”

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